14 Business Intelligence Tools & Software Every Business Needs!

December 15, 2023

“Data will talk if you’re willing to listen to it.” 

In the world we live today, businesses are bombarded with so much data that it becomes difficult to keep track of what’s important.

To make sustainable and profitable decisions, you need to turn this data into information and use this information as insights to boost performance.

Now with all hands already on deck, it might not be feasible for a firm to use more manpower to assess this data. Not to say that this data might not even be accurate.

So what do you do?

Enter: Business Intelligence Tools.

Business Intelligence Tools or Software will collect all your data and analyze it, so while you’re devising new plans, you can rest assured knowing that the information you need to make your plans a success – is right there waiting for you.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some amazing Business Intelligence Tools and Software out there. Let’s go!


What Are Business Intelligence Tools? (Definition)

Business Intelligence Tools help you to make sense of all the data in your hands.

Simply put, Business Intelligence Tools are software that helps you collect data, analyze them, and turn it into actionable data that you can use to make better decisions.

This way you can make sound data-driven decisions that will drive business growth. No matter what size your organization is, you need BI tools and we’ll tell you exactly why…


Why Do You Need Business Intelligence Tools? (Benefits)

Business intelligence tools are an investment that will reap benefits for you in the longer run. Here are a few reasons why you need them…

1. Valuable Insights

With BI tools, businesses can gauge productivity, revenue, marketing campaign outreach and offer valuable insights.

Data analytics makes assessing valuable insights 5x faster for business – which means you don’t have to wait for days or weeks to create reports that may end up being outdated. You will also be able to set up alerts and track the most beneficial metrics and stay on top of data that will reap the most benefits.

2. Competitive Edge 

Business intelligence tools are your gateway to a better and more optimized future. In itself, business intelligence tools are a competitive edge as they provide data of top-notch precision which will make your daily processes smarter and efficient. And only when the company is aware of its market and its performance in it, can they wield it to their benefit.

More and more companies are realizing this now – 54% of enterprises agreed that BI tools were vital to their current and future initiatives. Business intelligence tools are an efficient way to monitor changes, anticipate customer demands, and keep up with them.

3. Improved Customer Experience

Business intelligence tools have a direct impact on customer experience. And when used correctly, can help improve customer experience.

When Verizon deployed BI systems across its departments, these dashboards pulled out data from every crevice and identified actionable insights to improve customer experience. And they were successful –  BI tools improved customer service and reduced support calls by 43 percent.

4. Better Operational Efficiency

BI tools take into account multiple data sources, which means that may make it as easy as possible to track down all the information you need, so that your employees don’t have to waste time doing so. And when the managers have a complete picture of the organization with such data, they can identify new areas of opportunity. With constantly updating and accurate data collection, the company can rest assured and focus all of its energy on long-term goals like innovating or creating new programs.

5. Quicker Decision Making

The market you position your firm in will always be unpredictable and so will be your competitor’s moves. Business Intelligence Tools will make all the difference and lead you in the right direction by displaying your strengths and opportunities, and you can leverage this data to make hard-hitting and accurate decisions.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 15 awesome business intelligence tools that we’ve handpicked just for you and your business!

14 Business Intelligence Tools Every Business Needs

1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho analytics: Business intelligence tools & Software

Zoho Analytics is a great business intelligence tool to develop insightful dashboards and it offers more than 500 integrations for all your needs. It’s easy to use and to make it even easier, an AI assistant is at your service. It answers all your queries in the form of meaningful reports.From easily visualising data through reports to being able to share data in real-time, Zoho analytics has it all covered. Not just this, it also provides smart alerts for all your data to keep you on track with updates

2. Dundas BI

Dundas Bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

Dundas BI is a browser-based and enterprise-ready business intelligence tool. It can transform all your data into visually appealing reports and analytics.
You can easily analyse all your data and customise the reports even on your mobile devices. With open APIs, and rich, full-fledged BI capabilities for data analysis – Dundas Bi is an all-in-one integrated platform.

3. Tableau

Tableau: Business intelligence tools & Software

If you have ever dipped into the world of business intelligence, this tool will be something you’ve probably already heard of. Tableau is more than just another reporting tool – it is a live analytics tool.Tableau is mobile-friendly, with easy share ability, and over 150+ built-in functions for data analytics. If you want an all-rounder, low code tool, then Tableau is the perfect fit!

4. Clear Analytics

Clear analytics: Business intelligence tools & Software

Clear Analytics is an awesome business intelligence tool that requires little to no training! It collects all your data and allows you to drag and drop this data in excel sheets. It easily identifies issues and offers predictive analysis to visualise the company’s key data in the most optimised manner.

5. MicroStrategy

Micro strategy: Business intelligence tools & Software

From simple spreadsheet data to enterprise analytics, MicroStrategy is a business intelligence tool to access it all in one single place.They also provide contextual insights, all you need to do is hover your mouse, and the software will recognise relevant data. Your queries are easily addressed due to their intuitive and high-speed analytics.

6. Google Data Studio

Google data studio: Business intelligence tools & Software

GDS is a great business intelligence tool to turn all your complex data into easy-to-understand and customisation reports. You can schedule regular updates via mail and check your reports whenever you want.For a perfect BI tool that easily integrates with your Google stack, Google Data Studio is just what you need.

7. Jaspersoft 

Jaspersoft: Business intelligence tools & Software

Jaspersoft enables its end-user to perform interactive analysis of all their data. This business intelligence tool is powerful and integrates seamlessly with mobile devices.Its smart features support your decision-making processes through key performance indicators and problem indicators. It is available as a SaaS, on-premise, and cloud platform.

8. IBM Cognos

IBM cognos: Business intelligence tools & Software

Need a business intelligence tool that analyses your data from a multitude of perspectives and offers a comparison between the current data trends? Well, IBM Cognos has got your back!
IBM Cognos provides cloud support and complete control over your data, offline or online. It also works effectively on mobile devices. This is an awesome business intelligence tool that will bring all the data you need for better results, right at your fingertips.

9. Yellowfin BI


Yellofin bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

This business intelligence tool just has the perfect mix consisting of product dashboards, signals, stories, data discovery, and data prep. And not to forget – it’s also available as a mobile app.With Yellowfin BI, you can assimilate all your data with a message via videos or images and pave way for powerful data reports. It has also struck the right balance when it comes to the ease of use and the governance required by firms.

10. SAP Business Intelligence

Sap business intelligence: Business intelligence tools & Software

SAP offers the best business information management solutions. With its predictive analytics, they help you to stay ahead of trends and the changes in the industry.You can create wonderful data visualisations with SAP that can integrate with any system. It follows a modular concept for easy setup and provides support for both on-premise and cloud deployment.

12. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft power bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

This software giant is offering a business intelligence tool, Power BI, that takes both a web-based and a downloadable approach, unlike its competitors.
This platform is based on 3 components: a dataset that brings all data together, a dashboard that is created to represent visual data analytics, and a report that contains several pages of visualisation in the form of charts, reports, and graphs. Reports are created here in a matter of minutes!

13. Oracle BI

Oracle Bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

Oracle BI is a business intelligence tool that delivers reporting, ad hoc query analysis, and much more. Decision-makers can easily find answers to predictive and statistical questions.End-users can access needed information in multiple ways through their collaborative workplace. It is the perfect BI tool that blends all types of data, both local and corporate.

14. Pentaho

Pentaho: Business intelligence tools & Software

Last but definitely not the least is Pentaho. Pentaho encourages businesses to access, discover and merge all kinds of data to aid in effective decision making.This business intelligence tool supports the cloud and also provides predictive data analytics. Overall, this is a great tool that will help you make more data-driven decisions and turn complex data into insights.


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